An inspiration like no other

 In an age when Nita Beato and her husband are supposed to be enjoying the calming days of their retirement, the couple made a promise to spend the last of their energies to raise their granddaughter and secure her a better future. 


When Marielle Ann Beato (PHSR0163FCZ) was three years old, her parents parted ways and started their new respective families, leaving Marielle and her sister under the care of her grandparents and aunts.



"Nung maliit pa lang siya, nasa akin na siya, hanggang sa nag-aaral na siya, sa akin pa din siya. Talagang sinisikap naming itaguyod ang kanyang pag-aaral, katulong ang IN. Nita recounts. (I took care of her ever since she was little, until now that she’s studying. My husband and I are really working hard for her studies and we are glad that we are part of IN.


"Napakalaking bagay ng IN para sa amin katulad ngayon, mahirap ang buhay," she adds, recalling how happy they were in learning that Marielle will be part of INCAP. (IN has always been a big part of our lives.)


For fourteen years, her grandmother, Nita Beato, has served as both a mother and a father figure to Marielle. The couple are already senior citizens but because they have a granddaughter to dote on, Nita works as a municipal street sweeper while her husband works as a construction worker. 


Nita has to endure the heat under the blazing sun as she tirelessly cleans the street for a minimum wage as a government employee. Her husband is already experiencing the effects of having to work in a strenuous job at an old age. But the two plowed on, driven by love and responsibility, to keep Marielle in school. She is now in 4th year high school and by next year, she has a good shot of going to college.



Equally determined to repay them for their sacrifice, Marielle wants to pursue a degree in Tourism and be the one who will support her grandparents at their twilight years. The whole family is grateful for the assistance and benefits they receive from INCAP ever since Mariel became involved in the program at 1st grade.


"Kung iisipin mo na meron kang pinag-aaral, kahit anuman ang nararamdaman mo, hindi ka titigil sa pagtatrabaho. Yun ang nagsisilbing inspirasyon." Nita explains. (When a loved one is depending on you, you will overcome everything – the pains in your body, your old age. Fulfilling her needs is your inspiration)


And for Nita, a future where Marielle can enjoy life filled with wonderful opportunities, is an inspiration like no other. 


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